REAL WORLD RECORDS Launching Event 2016
lOGO LAUNCHING Real World Records Launching Event 2016
REAL WORLD RECORDER - R.ASHA Received Certificate and Memento by Mr. Anbalagan M.L.A.
REAL WORLD RECORDER - MONISH Previous Record has been breaked.
REAL WORLD RECORDS Record Holder Certificate

Welcome to Real World Records

A very nice French proverb everyone according to their talent and every talent according to its work. Everyone has talent.But they are finding a path to project themselves.

World Records goal is to enhance the talent of those people through out the world. According to that we are (not only giving exercise to limbs but also) providing a special training program and counseling to equip and prove themselves that they are the best.

Real World Records inviting the talented people and join your hands with us.

recent records

  • R.Asha4th standard
    "Leg Catching" 100 times in a minute.
  • S.Sooriya12th standard
    "Lifting weight by hair"
  • A.S.Divakar4th Standard
    "Walk back bend over broken Glasses"
  • S.SenthilKarate Trainer
    Pushed an vechilce by iron rod
  • R.Asha4th standard
    "Leg Catching" 100 times in a minute.

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